Small Business Fleet

We understand that businesses of all sizes need to be mobile, and at NiftiBusiness we offer small businesses the same options for end-to-end management of your vehicles.

Why choose leasing as a small business?

Speed to Market

Get your business mobile, fast. With a wide range of vehicles available alongside partnerships with vehicle branding experts, NiftiBusiness can accelerate your speed to market.

No Depreciation Costs

Leasing rather than purchasing your business vehicles means that your business does not have to absorb depreciation costs, with all elements of end-of-life vehicle disposal managed by NiftiBusiness.

Cash Flow Advantages

No large vehicle purchase payments required, with leases provided at a fixed monthly cost, enabling vital capital to be used elsewhere to help you grow your small business.

Resource Optimisation

Business leasing removes the additional time and administrative burden on your business of purchasing and managing your own fleet of business vehicles.

Small Business Leasing is a way to get your business mobile without the need for large capital expenditure. Our team will advise you on the vehicle that suits your needs, and for a fixed monthly cost, you will have peace of mind to focus on the job of growing your business. 

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