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Business Leasing, allows you to free up time and money from the purchasing, servicing, administration and selling of company vehicles to better focus on your business.

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Leasing frees up cash flow

Leasing is a cash flow solution for your business as there is no large initial payment to purchase the vehicles. We provide leases for a fixed monthly cost, which allows for accurate budgeting and forecasting.

For a set monthly payment, you have the use of a fully maintained vehicle for an agreed duration and mileage that suits your business. As part of our solution,  NiftiBusiness offers vehicle maintenance, servicing, accident management or replacement vehicles.

This flexible and fixed-cost solution for your drivers frees up capital that you can put into the other parts of the business.

We take the risk on vehicle depreciation

Leasing your vehicles means that you don’t have risk on maintenance and vehicle depreciation. We accurately predict what petrol or diesel cars will be worth in a few years due to the global EV market penetration, which has been increasing year on year, and the phasing out of ICE engines. Similarly, there is uncertainty about buying EVs because technology is evolving so rapidly. At NiftiBusiness we manage all that risk so you don’t have to. We manage the transport, allowing to focus on the business.

We offer competitive pricing

We deal with all brands and partner with reputable suppliers to get great deals on vehicles and on maintenance and servicing. This means that we can offer extremely competitive leasing rates, regardless of the number of vehicles you lease from us. We also offer our customers other benefits, including preferential rates on fuel cards, support on installation of EV chargers and a range of other services and supports to make sure that your business keeps moving.

We optimise your business resources

As your dedicated fleet management partner, we take care of everything from  sourcing the right vehicle, and its subsequent maintenance and disposal so you can put that time and money into your business.

We deliver better driver experiences

With access to a wide range of the latest makes and models – including EVs – we offer every driver a uniquely tailored journey. We provide dedicated driver support for fleet drivers and a dedicated relationship manager for every customer.

We improve fleet management

Fleet management is time consuming and complicated. Whether it’s for one vehicle or many, we provide a fully outsourced fleet management solution, including managing driver downtime, driver safety and supply chain, all service maintenance and repair requirements, accident management, compliance and governance and even fines, tolls and fuel. We provide tailored management information reports and analysis to provide you with the data that you need to inform your own decisions on fleet. This allows businesses of every size to optimise their resources, obtain cost savings on fleet operation and remove risks on maintenance and vehicle depreciation.

We help you to achieve a sustainable future

Leasing EVs allows you to achieve your green objectives without the worry of vehicle depreciation or how EVs will perform in the future. We are passionate about the move to sustainable mobility and we provide expert advice on planning a transition to electric mobility and the options available to suit your needs.

We free up your time

Business Leasing removes the administrative burden of owning and managing your own fleet of business vehicles. It allows you to focus on the running of your core business, safe in the knowledge that a vital logistical component is taken care of by experts.

Our driver APP provides all the information you need on your vehicles in one place. This de-risks any audit process because we are responsible for managing your vehicle maintenance.

We provide flexibility

Leasing your vehicles provides flexibility in responding to changing market conditions.

If your business needs change, you simply select a different vehicle model which suits your business better. Because it is such a flexible solution, it also helps businesses to respond to Corporate Social Responsibility objectives, like switching to electric.  

It provides the flexibility needed when you are working on specific projects and need your employees or contractors to be mobile but do not want to invest in buying vehicles.

Leasing has tax advantages

  • Leasing with NiftiBusiness means that the VAT is spread over the period of the lease agreement, allowing for a low initial investment.

We will provide a turnkey solution

We provide a full turnkey experience. We can customise commercial vehicles to suit your needs. Whether it’s your company graphics on the vehicle or making adjustments to the interior to make it fit for purpose, we can do it for you. Through our extensive expert supplier network, we negotiate highly competitive rates on customising and maintaining vehicles.

With NiftiBusiness you can also opt in for additional supports at reasonable costs, including breakdown rescue cover, replacement vehicle cover and maintenance package, ensuring that you can stay focused on your business.

We provide additional fleet services such as driver APP, fines, toll and road tax management, insurance declaration, fuel card management, fleet reporting, vehicle safety checks and EV charger installation.

Hassle free fleet management

NiftiBusiness allows businesses of every size to optimise their resources, obtain cost savings on fleet operation and remove risks on maintenance and vehicle depreciation.

Cost Management

We partner with you to develop an understanding of where and how money is being spent on fleet management and areas where it can be reduced.

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