Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to a range of questions we often receive from customers.

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New to Business Leasing

Business Leasing, which is also known as Contract Hire, allows you to free up time and money from the purchasing, servicing, administration and selling of company vehicles, to better focus on your business. Read more about leasing with NiftiBusiness here.

The minimum term for our leases is 24 months. Our lease plans are a maximum of 60 months.

No, unforutnately at this time we do not offer short term leases. Our minumum lease is 24months.

All of our lease vehicles are ordered brand new.

No, we don’t stock the vehicles. We order each vehicle brand new, and customise to the customer’s and driver’s needs.

Eligibility for Leasing

For sole traders, you need to be trading 24 months.

For limited companies, you should be trading 6 months. We will require minimum 3-6 months bank statements and management accounts for funding review.

You need to be trading 24 months as a sole trader or 6 months as a limited company to be eligible for a lease contract.

You may be asked to provide bank statements & management accounts, you will also need AML (Anti Money Laundering) documents; Proof of Identity & Address and a UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Owner) document stating who the beneficial owner of the company is.

Leasing – General Questions

Yes. This includes:

*Full Servicing
*Tyre Replacement
*Annual Road Tax
*Replacement Vehicle during maintenance
* AA 24-hour cover
* Accident Management
*Dedicated Account Manager
*Full Suite of Reports

No, we do not insure the vehicles. Our sales team can make recommendations on insurance providers for company vehicles.

If you need to terminate the contract early, you may be liable for all remaining payments.

We will let you know the category of your vehicle, which you can then bring to your HR or Tax consultant who will advise on the BIK. Unfortunately, we cannot estimate BIK for you.

Yes, we can arrange management of additional services for your fleet, including telematics, fuel cars, toll management.

Contact us to speak with a member of our team and find out more.

Direct debit from your account is the only payment option for monthly lease payments.

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