National Fleet Database (NFD)

Written by Rachel O'Toole

2 mins read

What is the NFD?

The National Fleet Database (NFD) is a fleet and motor trade website that is Gardai led. It was established under the Road Traffic Act to identify uninsured vehicles or drivers, and thereby reduce the overall level of uninsured driving in Ireland. Fleet Owners are required to register UID’s to the NFD for every vehicle within their fleet on an ongoing yearly basis within 5 working days of procession of the vehicle.

The deadline to update the National Fleet Database is November 30th 2023.

What happens if vehicles are not registered on the NFD?

The legislative requirements in the Road Traffic Act will mean that fleet owners and motor traders who do not provide the required information will commit an offence, and will be liable, to a Class C fine of up to €2,500 on summary conviction in the District Court. In addition, a policyholder may have their vehicle seized by An Garda Síochána, if the vehicle is believed to be uninsured.

What is involved in registering your vehicles on the NFD?

Fleet owners must go to the National Fleet Database website to register their fleet. NiftiBusiness Customers can contact their Relationship Manager for assistance with this. Your insurance broker or insurance company will provide you with a UID and Policy Number which will enable you to update your vehicle details on the website. Each time a vehicle is added or removed from your fleet the NFD should be updated.

“We would encourage all fleet owners, motor traders or anyone with fleet style, flexible, motor insurance policies to upload their vehicle registration details to the NFD as soon as possible,” said David Fitzgerald, CEO of the Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland.

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