Knowing Me, Knowing You – NiftiBusiness Customer Feedback Survey Implementation

Written by Ann-Marie Adair

6 mins read

NiftiBusiness is committed to delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction. As the customer success manager, I work alongside the wider NiftiBusiness team to maintain strong, long-term relationships with our customers and their drivers, ensuring that their needs are met, and enhancing their overall experience with us.

However, we recognised in 2023 that we needed an even better understanding of and insight into our customers’ needs, and this led us to the decision to implement OSI360, a new customer insights tool, during the second half of the year. Within a very short space of time, this innovative tool has deepened our understanding of our customers’ pains and gains, and has also provided us with some valuable feedback to act upon.

What is OSI360?

OSI360 aims to gauge your drivers’ satisfaction and loyalty. In the context of the vehicle leasing and fleet management industry, where long-term partnerships are paramount, the OSI360 survey provides a holistic view of our drivers’ experiences. The survey revolves around gaining driver insight on four simple yet powerful driver ‘touch-points’:

  • Vehicle servicing
  • Tyre fitting
  • New vehicle order and delivery
  • Accident repair

Driving A Customer Centric Approach

Implementing OSI360 has elevated our customer-centric approach. By regularly collecting feedback from customers, we now gain valuable insights into what aspects of our services resonate positively with customers, and where we can enhance the experience. This customer-centric approach allows us to make changes to our products and services in line with the evolving needs of our valued customers.

Proactive Problem Resolution

One of the key advantages of the OSI360 survey is its ability to identify potential issues before they escalate. Drivers are asked to share additional comments, which allows our customer success team to proactively address concerns and find prompt solutions. This approach not only strengthens customer relationships but demonstrates our dedication to resolving issues promptly.

Improvements and Innovation

Armed with the insights from OSI360, we’ve been able to tailor our offering to meet the unique needs of our customers. Whether it’s streamlining the vehicle servicing process, or introducing innovative technologies to streamline vehicle ordering, the OSI360 results guide our efforts to provide tailored and effective solutions for our customers.

Positive Feedback

We were delighted to have received many positive comments throughout 2023 via OSI360. Below is just a selection of what some customers had to say;

The Road Ahead – Where to from here?

Customer satisfaction is at the core of everything we do, and as we move forward we are excited to closely monitor the OSI360 feedback to improve our products and services, better understand our customers’ specific needs, and further strengthen our customer relationships. It is a continuous journey, and we are fully committed to using the insights to create customer-centric experiences in every aspect of our service to you in 2024.

Ann-Marie Adair - Customer Success Manager for NiftiBusiness.

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