Cost Management

No matter the size of your business or your fleet of vehicles, we analyse the cost of your fleet and improve its operation. We partner with you to develop an understanding of where and how money is being spent on fleet management and areas where it can be reduced.

There are lots of variables that make up fleet costs. Direct costs include depreciation, interest, vehicle repair and maintenance, insurance, fuel, tax and management fees. Indirect costs include time spent on managing your fleet, administration and driver downtime.

We manage all of these for you so your business becomes more efficient and cost effective.

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Leasing is perfect for small businesses

Small business

Buying a vehicle outright is a large expense for any business, particularly a start-up or smaller business. Whether you’re a multinational or a sole trader delivering locally grown produce, you share the need for transportation. That’s not the only thing you have in common – leasing a fleet can be as cost-efficient for you as it is for larger companies.

Low initial payments and low monthly set payments improve cash flow and allow smaller businesses to accurately budget and to put the money saved on leasing versus buying, back into their business.

When you lease with us the VAT is spread over the entire agreement period, keeping the initial payment low and allowing you to claim VAT back as you go.

Our purchasing power gets you the best deal on the market for your budget, better APR rates and discounted servicing costs.

SMEs and large businesses

SMEs are primarily focused on scaling and optimising their business, which takes a great deal of financial investment. With the help of our detailed fleet reports, we provide expert analysis of your fleet and identify where you can make savings and reduce the overall cost of fleet ownership.

We provide competitive cashflow solutions, which means that your capital is not tied up in your fleet. Fixed monthly payments allow businesses to forecast and plan strategically.

The monthly cost of leasing a vehicle can be as low as half of the monthly loan repayments to purchase an equivalent vehicle. The capital you save can be put into scaling your business.

We are experts in fleet management. We take care of everything from fleet analysis and review to maintenance and servicing fleet, driver and accident management. By letting us manage your fleet, your business will run more efficiently and cost effectively.

Leasing with us removes the risk of the cost of vehicle deprecation, demand shocks in the market and the uncertainty about future values. We take on all the risks associated with the maintenance and residual value of the vehicle.

Leasing is perfect for SME and large businesses
Leasing is perfect for small businesses


The global electric car market is growing exponentially and new models are coming on the market at a fast rate. Leasing with us removes any risk on vehicle deprecation at the end of the lease contract. We take care of every aspect of fleet management from initial analysis to end of life residual value risk, vehicle renewal management and associated reporting.

Our fully outsourced management solution reduces the administrative burden of managing your fleet, optimising your business resources. We partner with expert suppliers to get the best value and the best service for the purchase of vehicles. We provide cashflow solutions and we manage vehicle ordering, nationwide delivery, handover and collection.

We are your partner in sustainable mobility. We provide expert advice on planning a transition to an electric fleet and we make the transition as smooth as possible. We provide fleet analysis to identify what vehicles are suitable to move to electric and how your fleet carbon footprint will be impacted. We demonstrate the whole life cost of the vehicle and what it will cost to transition, taking into account fuel and electricity prices. We provide continued reporting on reduction of emissions progress and cost savings.

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