Making Life Easier For Leading Medical Supply Company

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Medical Supply Company (MSC) is one of Ireland’s leading suppliers of reagents, equipment and IT for the clinical diagnostics, life sciences, pharma and health informatics sectors. It is a family owned, Irish business in operation since 1971. Still owned by the original founders, it’s currently operated by the next generation of the family.
Medical Supply Company is one of the largest laboratory supply companies in Ireland. It has twelve sales representatives and eight service engineers trained to support the equipment supplied. It has a fleet of 29 vehicles used to deliver its products and services nationwide. NiftiBusiness manages its fleet and is supporting MSC on their journey to becoming sustainable.

We help our customers deliver for theirs

MSC’s Sustainability Journey

At MSC we are very customer oriented. We want to attract customers who are trying to improve their sustainability. A lot of our customers have sustainability initiatives and drives that require sustainable suppliers, we want to make their sustainability journey as seamless as possible. We want anyone who works for or with us to know that we have sustainability at our core.

For every major decision we make, we ask what the environmental impact of it will be, this guides us on our sustainability journey. We are moving away from single use plastics at our events, as well as reducing the use of paper in all our offices. Instead of using polystyrene in our packaging, we shred waste cardboard and make our own in-house.

With customers in every corner of Ireland, our engineers, sales team and deliveries cover a lot of ground. We have a fleet of almost 30 vehicles. Where the distances allow, we plan to transition to EVs, to minimise the environmental impact of our operations.

At MSC, sustainability is not just about reducing our carbon footprint, it’s about the sustainability of the entire business. A lot of public tenders involve allotting a percentage of marks for sustainability and that percentage will be growing in the future. MSC being more sustainable is having a direct impact on generating business.

Our long term vision for the company is to make it as environmentally sustainable as possible. For us, sustainability is the key, not just to the growth but to the survival of our business.

NIFTIBUSINESS caters to customers’ individual needs

How NiftiBusiness is helping MSC on their sustainability journey

– Transitioning to electric

At MSC, we balance the needs of our customers with converting as much of our fleet as possible to electric vehicles. NiftiBusiness is a helpful and supportive partner in going green. They supplied us with quotes for electric and for petrol/diesel for our vehicle contracts that were coming up for renewal. We had discussions with the team about the needs of our drivers and what would suit them.

The transition was very smooth. We had time to get prepared for switching to electric, and they helped us get the charging infrastructure in place. NiftiBusiness arranged a test drive of an EV. Our driver did deliveries for a day to plan routes and get a feel of what it was like to drive and fuel an EV. NiftiBusiness know the mileage of every driver so they can advise how suitable a transition to electric will be for them.

NIFTIBUSINESS saves our customers time and money

– Benefits of Business Leasing

There are a lot of unknowns when it comes to electric vehicles, like how reliable they are and concern over resale values. At MSC we don’t want to risk gambling on car values going up or down and we don’t have to because NiftiBusiness take on all that risk, so we don’t have to. What we do want is reliable vehicles for our staff and someone we trust to handle them on our behalf.

With the fixed monthly costs of Business Leasing, we can budget for vehicle costs for the year. It frees up spending for the more variable parts of the business. It allows us to plan because we know what the impact of adding more staff will be, for example. We have noticed a cost saving switching to EV, in terms of overall costs, especially with the price of diesel going up the way it is.

Why NIFTIBUSINESS is the right partner for your business

NiftiBusiness provides a lot of flexibility. Every MSC driver has different requirements and we’ve never been forced into using a particular fleet car that didn’t suit their needs. There are lots of different options available so our drivers can choose a mix of options.

Having NiftiBusiness manage our fleet frees up our time to do more of what we’re supposed to be doing – growing the business and selling to customers. We get regular feedback and data on driver mileage and any incidents that occurred. It’s all maintained on a database that we can easily keep track of. It means less work for us compared to owning cars. They look after all the administration, including keeping track of when services are due. We have a big fleet, all with different vehicle renewal dates. We don’t want to be contacting car dealers every couple of months when a contract is due for renewal to get prices or lead times. Our company has been growing quickly. As our employees increase, so does our fleet. It’s too complex for us to manage by ourselves.

With NiftiBusiness, we have a partner who knows how we work and what we look for in vehicles. They anticipate our needs and provide a consistent service. They know we’re moving towards electric vehicles and give us options each time we are considering moving one of our vehicles over, like whether it’s appropriate and information on lead times and contract renewal dates. It’s that kind of personal touch that makes the relationship stand out.